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When, in the course of building great organizations, during those stages of growth when technology becomes a burden, the time comes for one to rise above the chatter and provide a better solution.

We the People of Non-Profit Soapbox, in order to form a more perfect Web tool for growing small and mid-sized non-profit organizations, establish this Constitution for our beloved ecosystem.

  1. Technology is an empowering tool that should be used for the good of our beneficiaries and society.
  2. Technology alone does not bring donations. People and services bring donations. The "ask" will never be replicated same online as offline.
  3. Software must be built to meet the needs of its community. Open source software enables the community to determine the best path of development.
  4. To provide for the betterment of our society, we must move forward as a community. Knowledge must be shared easily through the community to be effective.
  5. Simplicity is key to any worthwhile solution.
  6. Web tools must be accessible and affordable for organizations of all sizes. The grassroots must have access to these tools.
  7. Open source software should be open in the hands of the people - not locked in the hands of techies.

With Non-Profit Soapbox, we will always strive to uphold this constitution, and we hope others will follow in our pursuit of betterment for those that give their live's work to serve the common good.

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