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Free Range Studios

A big thank you to our superstar design friends at Free Range Studios for designing this website, delivering on our goal of a design that brought forward the personality of our team and the vision of our product. Learn more about their incredible work at http://www.freerangestudios.com.

Rochen Performance Hosting

Just like all Non-Profit Soapbox websites, this website is also hosted on servers managed by Rochen Performance Hosting.  They provide terrific infrastructure services and are a great bunch guys.  Check them out at http://www.rochenhost.com/.

PICnet team members

Most of all, thanks to the hard work of many PICnetters during long nights and short weekends, for putting together the ideas and content for this website.  Go team!  Check out PICnet, the company behind Non-Profit Soapbox, at http://www.picnet.net

An unnamed grad school professor

Finally, thanks to a graduate school professor of our CEO, Ryan Ozimek, who wrote the following "inspirational" message on the cover of a 2002 grad school paper on the topic of empowering non-profits with affordable technology tools: "The problem with NPOs is lack of money and a culture that does not value investment as a way to increase productivity and effectiveness."

It's been our great honor to spend this decade helping non-profits prove him wrong.


Featured Work

American Cancer Society
Back to the Roots
Global Fund for Women
B Labs
ACCION International

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