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Non-Profit Soapbox is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to create, develop, and maintain your website with ease. With Joomla!, the world's most popular open-source content management system (CMS), as its platform, you will have immense flexibility with your site. Using Non-Profit Soapbox, our team has served more than 100 organizations with solutions that fit their individual and unique needs. Here are some ways in which we can use our toolset to help your organization.

Website Design

Every website needs to look like a million bucks. During the past four years, we've developed unique designs for our clients to meet their branding needs, ranging from professional to creative and fun. Our clients work with a product manager and designer to carefully craft a brilliant and unique design. Additionally, we extend our design services with the help of our design partners, and if you'd like, we can even work with your own designer. Check out our portfolio for examples >
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Check out our portfolio for examples >

Micro-Site Development

If you're running a campaign or managing a network of chapter websites, you need effective and easy-to-edit websites. We have a track record of helping growing organizations building multiple websites easily manage a network of interconnected websites. Using our system, you can empower your local chapters to create and edit their own content without requiring your assistance.
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Site Migration/Transfers

Frustrated with the headaches around upgrading your existing website? Is your hosting service keeping you worried about your site going down? Has your website security been compromised? If you already have a Joomla! website and are facing problems, we can help. By migrating your website into the Non-Profit Soapbox network, you can worry less about uptime and security, and more about growing your online presence.
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Content Management

Websites should be easy to edit and update, which can be a challenge for well-populated websites which grow over time. As your website content grows, it becomes increasingly important to have a robust content architecture that matches your organization's growth without any pain. Non-Profit Soapbox sites are very easy to update, thanks to the Joomla! CMS and our unique changes for our community of non-profits. Our team of experienced information architects will help you organize your site's content for the most effective experience for your visitors.
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Training & Support

You've got skills, but when your skills reach their limit, you shouldn't have to search through pages of forums to get your question answered. You want to pick up the phone and call someone you can trust to get you the right answer fast. Our Support Department is committed to providing you with reliable and people-friendly support services.
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Salesforce.com Integration

Non-Profit Soapbox is equipped with J!Salesforce, an extension that integrates Salesforce.com with the Joomla! CMS. With this tool, your organization's members will be able to update their phone number, address, and more all through your website in a seamless way. They will not leave your site and need not call you. This is an exclusive service to Salesforce users on Non-Profit Soapbox. Call us for more information at 202.585.0232.
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If you can't finda a solution for your problem on this page, feel free to call us and talk to a real person at 202.585.0232 (choose #1 for sales). You can also write us using our spiffy Contact Us page.



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