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Our success is your success. That's why we've designed Non-Profit Soapbox to include all the hot features our clients need to maintain a compelling website. Enjoy the power and flexibility.


  • Joomla!
    Uses Joomla!

    Soapbox is built on the popular Joomla! open-source content management system.

  • Setup
    Quick Set-Up

    Need a new wesbsite tomorrow?  Contact us today to get started!

  • Mouse
    Easy-to-use Content Editor

    Compose content just like you do with Microsoft Word. It comes with a WYSIWYG editor that enables your entire staff to update the site with ease.

  • Folder
    Content Tags

    Organize your content using tags, creating your own classification system that reflects your audience's needs.

  • Paper
    Pre-Styled Extensions

    Confidently add new features even after we launch your website. Even features you're not using at launch are stylized and ready-to-go whenever you want to enable them.

  • RSS
    RSS Feeds

    Share your content with the world! Create and edit RSS feeds all by yourself for any section and syndicate your content to your readers (and the press).

  • J!Salesforce
    Salesforce Integration

    Does your organization use Salesforce.com? Soapbox integrates with Salesforce so that users can manage their contact information and preferences through your website.

  • SEF

    Focus your visitor's attention on key content with powerful, easy to manage slideshows that enhance your message.

  • Plus
    Support and Coaching

    Our professional project managers, designers, and support specialists will guide you every step of the way.

  • Arrow
    Custom URLs

    Links on your site are customizable by you, optimized for search engines, and easy for humans to read, too!


Our team ensures that every Non-Profit Soapbox site looks like a million bucks. We believe that every organization deserves a well-designed, professional, and easy-to-use website to help share their message with the world. Check out our work to learn more about our design chops. You bring your creative ideas, we'll bring a skilled project manager and designer to create your new online presence. Have your own designer? We're happy to work with them too! Check out pricing options for design.


Non-Profit Soapbox has been designed to play nicely with many of the external solutions that non-profit organizations use, from CRM tools like Democracy In Action and Salesforce.com, to multimedia and interactive elements like YouTube and Google Maps, to traffic analysis tools like Google Analytics. Do you use a service that you'd like to integrate into your site? Ask us about it and we'll let you know how it can be done.


We understand that your web presence is critical to your mission, and we know that the online world can be a scary place. That's why we have a team on alert 24/7 with tools that constantly monitor our network and servers. Our security system meets high standards (used within the US government) and redundant backups to help keep your website safe and secure.


We understand that you may have questions about using your new website, even after launch. That's why every Non-Profit Soapbox organization receives our support services. We also have a special team available 24/7 to help respond to emergencies, just in case. Do you need an outsourced Web team to help with your design and development needs? You can also sign up for retained support service packages for the full PICnet pampering.

Interested in how well our clients have rated their support experience? Here's the real-time ratings given to the last one hundred tickets:


Green hosting seal

All Non-Profit Soapbox websites are hosted on well-protected and robust servers. Equipped with powerful processors, lots of RAM, plenty of hard drive space, and a secure firewall, each server is well equipped to handle your Web traffic. We also have daily, weekly, and monthly backups that allow us to safely store your content in case of an emergency.

All this and our hosting is green through carbon offsetting and reduced energy consumption so all that power you benefit from is produced responsibly and used efficiently.


Questions? Give us a call at 202.585.0232 or contact us using this form.


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